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Air conditioning is imperative in cars, especially if you reside in a region where there is plenty of humidity throughout the year. It can be quite flustering when you are in your car and is starts blowing hot air all of a sudden.

This is a clear indication that the air conditioning unit of your car is defective. This can happen for any number of reasons and we will look at some of these. A common issue that arises in car ACs is that they may be leaking refrigeration.

The source of a leak can be difficult to identify, which is why you should consult our professional mechanics! It may only be the unit hose that is the cause of the discharge, but it needs to be fixed at the earliest.

It may also be possible that the condenser of your car’s air conditioning unit is blocked or worse, broken. Besides, electrical issues and malfunctioning, cooling fans may be the cause of your air conditioning not working properly.

If any of the aforementioned issues persist in your car, you should visit any of our centres at Boldmere and get it checked promptly!

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