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An oil change is a simple albeit important procedure that can be performed by a mechanic. If you’re looking for one in the Sutton Coldfield, you should visit Boldmere Service & MOT Centre ASAP!

Basically, lubricating the oil in any vehicle is absolutely imperative. This is because if the car has clean oil, it will perform on an optimal level and this will extend the vehicle’s life in turn. So how can drivers and car owners know when one is required?

If your engine is uncharacteristically noisy, that may mean any number of things, one of which is that an oil change may be mandatory. Also, if you manage to see the colour of the oil in use, that may be a clear indication of an oil change being imminent.

Clean oil is usually amber in colour. On the other hand, dirty oil is laden with particles and changes its shade to a darker one. If you notice the former, it is important to schedule an oil change with a mechanic at Boldmere.

Moreover, if the exhaust is emitting an unusual amount of smoke or if the mileage has reached a certain number without an oil change, it may be time to get it done!

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