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A car’s exhaust system is responsible for removing exhaust gases away from combustion inside the engine. The system includes a number of exhaust pipes, such as a cylindrical head, a turbocharger, a catalytic converter and a muffler.

A failure in the car’s exhaust will require fixing promptly. Why not bring it to Boldmere Service & MOT Centre?

There are usually a few indications that your car’s exhaust is faulty. For example, if you detect any unusual sounds and the engine is uncharacteristically noisy, it may be a sign that your exhaust isn’t working properly.

A hissing or tapping sound is a dead giveaway of such an issue. Also, if your car no longer has the same acceleration or does not generate the same level of power, that may also signify a problem with the exhaust.

In addition, if you observe over a few weeks that the fuel efficiency of your car has diminished, it may well be owing to a defective exhaust system. If a burning smell is emanating from your engine bay, then that may also be due to a malfunctioning exhaust! Last but not least, if the car’s exhaust pipe is hanging loose, then that surely shows an issue.

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