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No matter how top of the line your car is, at some point, a battery change becomes a necessity. Typically, car batteries wear out every few years and in ideal circumstances, should be changed before an unfortunate incident happens and you are stranded in the middle of the road!

To avoid such scenarios, you should get your battery checked at Boldmere Service & MOT Centre at your earliest convenience. Our excellent mechanics can easily determine if your car needs a change of battery or not.

But how can a driver ascertain if it is time for a battery change? We will share a few symptoms. For instance, when you start your car, if the engine makes an unusual sound and is slow to start, it may be due to an aged battery that requires changing.

If the engine light keeps appearing repeatedly when you are driving, it may be another indication that the battery needs changing. Also, if the battery has a low level of fluid, it is usually a dead giveaway of an issue.

Last but not least, if you have not had a new battery installed for many years, it may be worth getting one simply owing to the age of the current one.