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It may be difficult to tell if your car’s timing belt is defective. This is why we will cite a few symptoms so that you are able to identify the problem.

A malfunctioning timing belt can hurt your car’s engine performance and may also cause the fuel consumption to rise. Since the potential damage is considerable, drivers must be vary of any issues that may arise.

For instance, if an unusual noise is emanating from the engine, that may be a sign of a flawed timing belt. Of course, it is not easy to tell because you cannot see the problem and it may as well be another component of the car that is creating the noise.

To know for certain, visit any Boldmere Service Centre in Sutton Coldfield and get your car checked!

Other signs of a faulty timing belt include the engine failing to turn over or misfiring when you use the car. This may be because the belt requires repair or worse, is entirely broken and irreparable.

This will also influence the engine’s fire rate negatively. Before the timing belt causes further detriment to your car, you must bring it to our qualified mechanics and get it checked immediately.

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