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When you take your car to the mechanic for a complete service, there are several tasks that they perform. For example, the prime objective is to change the oil of the car.

Beyond that, a service also includes cleansing the air filter to improve the car’s performance. If it is damaged significantly, then the mechanic may replace it with a brand new one. Then, they will proceed to check the car’s outer unit, which means the headlights, indicator and tail lights will be carefully inspected.

Next, key components like the brake fluid and the power steering will be observed as well for any potential defects. Faults may also be observed in the car’s tuning and spark plugs.

That’s not all though. Irrespective of whether a car runs on petrol or diesel, its emissions will also be gauged for any issues. The car’s total mileage is checked in relation to its parts as well.

That leaves other parts like the suspensions, shock absorbers, brakes and of course, the tyres too. All in all, a service is a comprehensive inspection of your car. It is done in order to find faults in the car and rectify them accordingly so your car can continue to perform well.

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