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Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, every journey has a start-stop routine. Your brakes are as important as any other cog in the machinery.

If there is any issue with your brakes, you must bring your car to Boldmere Service & MOT Centre promptly. Our seasoned mechanics can fix any issues that arise in your car’s braking system!

Whether there is screeching, squealing, rubbing or grinding, your brakes may have an issue. If there are any vibrations or pulsating effects that is also an indication of a problem. If you have to press down farther on your brakes than usual, that’s yet another symptom of a predicament.

Also, if you notice a pungent smell near your tyres or if the brake warning light is on, then that is a sure shot giveaway of a problem.

There are a number of reasons your brakes may be failing you. The brake pads may be broken or damaged, the rotor may have a problem. There may be even be a leak, a sticky caliper, warped rotors, a brake fade, smoking brakes, or an issue with the brake lights.