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You may want to visit any of our Boldmere centres if your car has an electrical fault. The average vehicle is comprised of various electrical components, any of which is prone to complications.

Your car’s GPS, back up cameras and engine sensors all employ electricity. Also, your navigation could fail or the headlights may cease working too. Since these are pivotal, if any issue arises, you need to get it checked immediately.

Common examples of electrical problems include a battery that may not start or one that will simply not charge. This will mean that either your car won’t start and may require a jump start. At Boldmere, we can replace faulty batteries.

Furthermore, your car may have a bad alternator, which is why it may be facing electrical concerns. A malfunctioning alternator will prevent the battery from charging and your car will be devoid of electrical functions as a result.

Other potential electrical dilemmas include an exhausted solenoid, inadequate battery cables or failed electrical fuses or plugs.

For more information regarding electrical issues, call us at 0121 355 1196 or simply leave your car at any of our workshops in Sutton Coldfield.

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