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There are several factors that lead to problems occurring in the tracking of a car. Basically, an automobile’s tracking is responsible for keeping the wheels in perfect alignment. There should be a safe distance between the centreline of both wheels when you are driving the car.

Typically, tracking issues or incorrect wheel alignment can lead to a number of different concerns for drivers. Poor tracking can result in augmented wear and tear of the tyres. If wheel alignment is lacking, it will diminish the condition of the tyres sooner than usual.

This will entail reduced performance as well. An automobile cannot function at optimal level if its tracking is not working well. For the best performance, there needs to be maximum contact path between the tyres and the roads. Otherwise, a car will simply not be the same on the road.

Cars with lacklustre tracking also tend to pull to one side. For instance, if the front wheels are pointing away from each other, the car will not have ideal alignment obviously. Another potential outcome of inadequate tracking is increased consumption of fuel. This will become another dilemma for drivers.

If you are experiencing any of these concerns, give us a call at Boldmere and we can help fix your tracking!