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If the engine of your car is creating problems for you consistently, it does not mean that your car is done for. It simply means you need to get it checked.

At Boldmere Service & MOT Centre, our seasoned mechanics can rectify any complication that may arise in your car’s engine. Typically, engine faults can vary but most issues are reparable.

For instance, one common concern that car owners face is when the engine is missing its gas cap or is it not fastened properly. A routine replacement or tightening should do the trick.

Similarly, the spark plug of the engine may be worn out, which means our mechanics may rectify it so that your car can ignite and function properly.

Moreover, other engine related difficulties that our customers face include having a clogged radiator, lacklustre compression or the oxygen sensor may be causing a nuisance. Having filthy oil may lead to a failure in the oil pump as well.

At Boldmere Service & MOT Centre, we can fix any engine faults that may be transpiring in your car! You can drop off your car at any of our centres in Sutton Coldfield and we’ll take care of it.

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